Who We Are

CocoNutree® is created and managed by LIFEinc., a family owned company. The farmlands have been in our family for generations and we have long been into organic farming. Recently we were able to introduce our produce to the market with our brand CocoNutree® that represents the tree of life. It is a line of all natural organic coconut products from our sustainable coconut farms. Located in the rolling hills of the central islands of the Philippines, it is an idyllic location for coconut farming with abundant coconuts in a sunny tropical region.

Our drive for being purely organic comes from our belief in a healthy way of life. We only make products that are not only great for your health, but they taste great too. We have been using our coconut products for years and the health benefits are tremendous. They are both nutritious and delicious. We believe this is an essential way of living a healthy life and aim to share this with everyone, for your families and loved ones. This is our lifelong passion.

Here at LIFEinc., we work avidly to deliver what CocoNutree® represents, a pure and natural taste with heart healthy benefits. We provide a viable livelihood for our farmers, who have been with us for generations as well. We also cultivate a sustainable agriculture, which helps preserve the environment for future generations. We are fully committed to working with nature to produce 100% all natural organic coconut products, fostering lifelong relationships and continuing our time honored tradition of harvesting with integrity.